The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur

Why I wrote this guide:

Are you struggling to find the optimal solution to build a successful income online — which business to start, which path to take, which channel to focus on?

If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing dozens of ads for solutions and programs that are “sure to get you unstuck and help you become a millionaire today”. Please, stop trying to find a solution that does the work for you and adhere to a process that sets clear actions.

The key to online business and building wealth is so much simpler than the gurus say it is. It doesn’t require starting a podcast. It doesn’t make you write ten books. And it certainly doesn’t make you becoming YouTube famous to accomplish it.

If you’ve an entrepreneurial spirit and ready to embrace that attitude in the most efficient way, here’s how to do it:

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The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.

You can either get rick quick — or build a sustainable business that pays you every step of the way. I did the latter; here’s how.

The process laid out right here is what got me from working as a software developer who was about to cap out on his salary only a few years after graduating college — it’s a dreadful thought.

Instead of working, constantly improve, while receiving the same amount of money, I built a business with very little risk, grew it, adapted it, and eventually scaled it to the point where I achieved a $50,000 online course launch in just 2 months.

This process works as I’ve walked others through it — you’ll see exactly how.

Cash Flow During Each Stage

Who am I?

About Nick Calabro

Nick Calabro’s agency Calaboration has helped dozens of businesses achieve massive growth. It quickly transferred from an agency to a massively profitable digital product online business. Read more about how you can achieve similar results or read more of his story here »

How to find the life you want — and get it.

Like I mentioned above, I discovered this path while working as a software developer and coming to the sad realization of my true worth vs. how I was being treated.

The day I found out how to really make money and succeed in this life was when I was working my desk job, eating my meal-prepped salad, stuck in the corner of the office with the rest of the developers while the sales team were all going out to lunch to some fancy restaurant on Lincoln Rd., Miami.

That would’ve been fine until the sales director made a comment that I will never forget: “Code away boys – what do you call a group of coders? A gaggle of developers?”

Although this statement was in jest and by no means meant to insult anyone, it made me realize where the true value is — and it wasn’t behind a keyboard programming the same app hundreds of other developers could code.

When I asked another one of our devops about that glib statement, he shrugged it off and said, “Oh that’s normal — you’ll find that in any business. Sales drives the business forward.”

That’s where you have to be — in the field, selling, driving revenue for the business.

This helped me realize I was wasting the single life I was give — see Confucius’s quote below…

Deciding what YOU want is complicated in practice, but actually extremely simple when you look at it holistically.

I found what I wanted by observing my actions, auditing my time, and understanding a larger goal that stimulated me to taking the correct action in the right direction. 

You don’t need to have an epiphany or get fired from your job creating a chip on your shoulder to find the motivation to accomplish this. If you need motivation, you’re already a step behind. 

What you need is stimulation to surface the motivation you already have. 

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.

Who is this for?

Increase Sales

Whether you’re getting a job in sales or struggling to drive sales for your own digital agency, I’ll reveal the secrets for succeeding in these roles, getting them, and scaling them.

Create Passive Income

There’s nothing quite like waking up to new sales. 
If you’d like to make more money online but don’t know where to start, these little-known secrets will show you exactly how.

Build Wealth

Generate more money and build an empire using the tools at your disposal with the ideas you have every day. This guide demonstrates each step along the way.

Developing the

Efficient Mindset

Humans are naturally efficient the same way that we’re naturally curious and carefree — it depletes very quickly as life occurs and we “wise up”. I”m here to give you permission to stop being wise, remove all your accountabilities, and stop considering your obligations before moving forward.

If you want to truly succeed in life and online you have to be what seems extremely selfish — it’s quite the opposite, however. Would you rather drop your business and take a break with a family cruise, or skip the cruise with your family so that you can fly out your entire family out for a bigger and better cruise on your dime?

You are the most important person in the world — your world. The incredible thing about life is that we have the full ability, motivation, and tools at our disposal to create the world we want.

The wrong way of doing business

Surely you’ve come across plenty of blogs, YouTube videos, and e-books that all include a big promise of starting a blog and making six figures in a weekend from your online course. Maybe you found an agency owner on Twitter who shows you exactly how you can generate a five figure monthly income after 1 week by getting a Fortune 500 client.

Yes – these things are possible; but their methods make it impossible. I’m willing to bet the farm that the way you came across them in the first place was not by the same means they said they’d teach you.

Business owners who take the advice of starting podcasts and YouTube channels in the hopes they’ll be famous and that the fame will bring them tons of cash burn out very quickly because, well, simply — it doesn’t work that way.

I will tell you — I’ve seen some incredible success with those exact methods. But that is not the scalable, recommended strategy.

You’d never invest in a company whose majority of sales were the result of a viral video — that fragility is not a replicable customer acquisition strategy.

How Inefficient Entrepreneurs Act

  • Becoming Famous — As someone who is so involved in politics, you better believe I understand the appeal of fame. There are a few things, however, that make this a bad idea — at least up front. Most importantly, you make no money from it. I’ve found many, many entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, socialites, etc. who have tens of thousands of followers on every social media channel including their podcast while still struggling to monetize that audience.

  • Incorrect Starting Point — Online courses, membership sites, etc. are the big leagues of online business. I love the ambition and if you have the capital to dive right into it, by all means do so — for everyone else, please don’t skip around looking for shortcuts.

  • Perfectionism — This is something I still struggle with. Complexity & perfectionism is the enemy progression. I’d rather you fail 100 times in a month to come to a solution that worked than heading directly to the winning strategy after five months. 

You'd never invest in a company whose majority of sales were the result of a viral video — that fragility is not a replicable customer acquisition strategy.

I’d like to show you how to trick success. How to do things so correctly that it is nearly impossible to not see results. The strategies you’ll see here are virtually fool proof and do-able by anybody.

The strategies here will expire. Ad platforms change, regulations move around hacks, and markets shift. Currently, this all still works just fine. I cannot guarentee it will next year — when it doesn’t, I’ll surely let you know and archive this information for historical purpose instead of practical.

You have a few options at this point — most of you will put this away to read later (which means you’ll never read it), some of you will think you can handle it on your own and archive this just in case you hit a wall.

Instead, you’re going to learn my systems — the exact action steps, word-for-word scripts, and other frameworks thousands of students have used to automate success.

You’ll discover how to ensure every action you take has a trackable ROI while getting you closer to your goals so you can live the life you want to live.

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Get a Sales Role »

I don’t want a lot of risk bu I do want to optimize my time and leverage my skills to make the most money I can right away

Digital Agency

(Recommended) Starting a Successful 5-Figure Digital Agency will give you the skills & tools to skyrocket your growth.


Turn Agency Clients Into Profitable Coaching Clients to kickstart your digital info product business. (Least profitable step).

Online Business

Scale To Hyper-Profitable Online Business Selling Digital Products, online courses, and utilizing everything you’ve done.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur — Part 0

How to start & optimize your sales career

Did you know that the average software sales compensation clears the 6-figure mark?

Did you also know that there are barely any hard qualifications for sales jobs? Soft skills, a bit of charm, and the ability to hold a conversation is all you need to get in the door of many sales roles.

Please keep in mind — you’ll want to make it to step one as soon as possible if you’re not starting there already. The good news is that whatever you do in your sales role will directly correlate to the success you’ll find in every other area of your efficiency journey.

With that said, why would anyone decide starting at step zero is even worth it? And why do we suggest skipping it so strongly?

Jobs promote poor behavior — yes, even sales jobs — unless you’re selling your own product and absorb all risk.

Complacency and contentment are the largest killers of your dreams and success. The minute you realize no matter how hard you work that you’ll continue getting a paycheck at the end of the week, the minute you’ll much more easily take a lunch that day and feel entitled to a minute of relaxation.

You’re not entitled to anything until you have enough revenue to truly justify it.

If you absolutely must get a job, you better get the most entrepreneurial job available so that you can remain focused and driven for when you do decide to start your own venture and really succeed in life. This is why I suggest going into sales. You have a bit of control over your own destiny, you’ll have some autonomy within the organization since you’re the one driving revenue (if you are driving revenue), and you’ll directly impact how much money you bring home at the end of the quarter based on your performance.

A key ingredient here is getting paid based on performance.

I come from a technical background. The day I realized I was in the wrong profession was the day I realized I was a cog in a machine and the salesmen were the true heroes in the office.

Finding the Right Sales Role

  • Choose your product
  • Get through the door
  • Circumvent the gatekeeper
  • Treat your job search like the job itself
  • Literally use sales tactics to get the job
  • Initial touch
  • Follow up
  • Outbound
  • If you wish to learn more about, follow this post »
    This guide is for stages 1 - 3

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur — Part 1

Start a Successful 5-Figure Digital Agency

First, I want you to imagine how it’d feel to make an extra $1,000/month. What would you do with that money? Maybe you’d keep your job and just enjoy the fruits of a few thousand extra here and there. Wait until you find out how little work $1,000/month consists of.

I’ve helped students generate just 2 or 3 clients at $1,500-$3,000/mo in a matter of days.

Just three clients on a $1,500 retainer might be enough to supplement your income as it is right now — and using the proven formulas of online marketing to project how you’ll increase your clients’ bottom line, there’s no reason why any business wouldn’t retain you as their marketing agency.

That’s why we’ve spent years doing this, trying different ideas, testing every step fo this process, and documenting every step of the way to share exactly how you can duplicate these results and succeed while barely trying.

There’s some terrible advice out there — you deserve to know the little-known secrets that actually work.

don’t miss out

Get the Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a convenient, downloadable PDF

What you need to know about starting your digital agency

It really seems quite simple. Find a business with some revenue who might not be driving paid traffic — or better yet, running terrible ads — offer your services while drawing out exactly how they’ll see a return (eliminate risk), build a system to do this work in a matter of just a couple hours per week, and charge a couple grand to do so every month.

They make money, you make money, the public is better exposed to your clients’ offerings with more relevant ads they’ll want to click on.

The difference between successful agency owners and unsuccessful agency owners is that successful ones follow a system that is proven — they know exactly what to do at each step.

They know how to handle the difficult client who wants to bail after 3 months when results aren’t quite what they thought. They know how to write proposals that captivate a business owner and compel them to sign on the dotted line and write you a check. They know who to look for in local businesses that are worthy of sitting down for coffee with to hash out a deal.

Pros and cons of starting a digital agency

What's great about starting a digital agency?

  • It's easy to get started — you don't need to be an expert with any specific degrees; the basics will still get results.
  • There's so much room — every business needs your services and there are only more popping up each day.
  • Virtually zero barrier to entry & no overhead — this is the easiest business to start that also offers the highest upside.
  • You can supplement any income with this depending entirely on how quickly you scale and how hard you want it.

What are the potential downsides?

  • It can take time. Everybody works at different rates & gets lucky at different moments. Don't compare yourself to other agency owners whose fathers are best friends with hedge fund VPs.
  • If you can't approach conversations, you won't be able to sell — if you're not selling, you're not eating.
  • Consistency. Some of the most valuable and impressive traits in a person is their ability to consistently do something. You require this.

There are people who will help out and people who will hold themselves accountable for a result — be & hire the latter.

Start solving problems & getting paid

Don’t know what agency services people are willing to pay for?

Enter your e-mail below for instant access to my free ebook 5 Day Digital Agency to find an idea people will happily pay for.

Why Start With A Digital Agency?

Creating a digital agency is the first step because it’s instant cashflow.

You don’t need to build any email lists; you don’t need to have an audience; you don’t need anything except a drive to get some clients and the knowledge you’ll learn right here to fulfill your work and get results to keep them.

You might notice agencies popping up all over the place — does this mean the market is saturated? Quite the opposite. The market is there. There are so many agencies because there are more businesses that need your services now more than ever.

Take a look at your local boulevard. You’ll surely find a nail salon, dive bar, pizza parlor, or after school care establishments that could use more foot traffic and volume. That’s exactly who you need to target for your first few clients.

Selling Your Agency Services

It’s a very easy sell when you encounter a local restaurant that needs more patrons on weekday evenings. The money they’d make on that night might easily equate to 1/4 of what they’re spending on advertisements.

When you have a system that is self-liquidating and can be tracked so granularly like online advertising and web design, your services sell themselves.

Case Study:

After-School Programming Education

One of my first clients was a class for children on weekends & weekdays where they’d come in once a week, learn some basic programming, and put it in practice toying around with real electronics and watching the machines dance based on their instructions.

A very profitable idea since parents are willing to spend a lot of money on their children.

One 4-session package was about $500 — this means if we had parents re-subscribing every month, they were virtually $6,000 in a year on this institution.

If we could project how many leads we'd expect with $3,000/mo of ad spend and feel confident enough in our sales force to convert 10% of those into buyers, our services would pay for itself and you'd increase profits by 50%. My only question is, can your salespeople handle this and, if so, is your organization ready for this massive growth?

Messaging & presentation are huge here. By maximizing your exclusivity, you aren’t selling to them, you’re ensuring they’re qualified to even work with you. Further, you’re eliminating risk by showing them exactly how they’re going to get their ROI and then some.

Projecting Your Agency's Cashflow

There are a few ways you’ll be able to make money as the agency owner.

At Calaboration, we worked a lot with real estate professionals. Mortgage lenders, agents, hard-money lenders, title agencies, brokerages, etc., the list goes on and on.

The great thing about clients like loan officers and lenders is that one deal pays their rent for the next four months — this means they have plenty of room to pay you as well.

The terrible thing about clients in this industry is that they’re typically working with a very small budget until they have a few high-volume deals under their belt and have more money to invest.

One thing we did for our real estate clients was simply take a cut of their deal. Sure, you’ll make a bit less money up front, but on the backend (if you trust yourself to deliver on your services), you could make substantially more money — and it’s easier to acquire these clients since you’re offering them less risk at the gate.

Selling Shovels in a Gold Rush

Making Money Off Those Looking to Make Money

Let’s even forget about advertising for a minute. We could even build an entire digital agency off the need for websites entirely.

Everyone from your local bar to your Park Ave financial firm are going to need a website — even if it’s a basic one-paged site with a contact form.

An upfront bill for the website plus maintenance charges every month to keep the servers running repeated a dozen times can literally supplement your income in fewer than 6 months.

Let’s draw it out with embarrassing low number to drive the point across.

$3,000 for a website — a website that takes you no more than a couple days to spin up entirely. This site may include a few pages with the staff, an about page, a contact form, and some basic SEO to ensure they’re popping up once someone searches for that name and address.

$250/mo hosting — as the agency, you’ll remain keeping this website on your servers. You’ll be responsible for popping in there every few weeks to make sure things are up and running. That comes at a price. A measly few hundred dollars each month shouldn’t be anything to a local business owner that is making any money at all. For you to keep their website active and working is worth even more than that.

Now think — assuming we can do this a dozen times:
$3,000 one time setup fee
$250 monthly maintenance fee
You’re already making a six figure salary in a year.

You may be noticing a trend with many of the charts on this site. When you apply the right methods, you grow exponentially.

Again, this isn’t difficult to do — it just takes some time and creativity to acquire these initial clients. After you have two or three, double your pricing and up your exclusivity. You deserve to be paid what you’re worth and an agency with previous work under their belt is worth more than one that has nothing to show for themselves. 

Getting Your First Client

Your first client is one that should be coveted and treating quite well. They’ve helped prove your system works and that people are willing to spend money on you. This is not something to take lightly.

Where do we find this client — where exactly are they?

Ads ★


When I started my agency, I was at a breakfast event, lunch club, and cocktail hour networking soiree nearly every single day.

I didn’t have to fulfill any orders or follow up with any leads because when I was first started I had none of that burden anyway — surely a problem that was about to be solved in a matter of days.

BNIs, LeTips, membership dinners, etc. I was at them all.

It’s important to have an objective while you’re attending these things. Bring a stack of 50 business cards and tell yourself you will not leave until they’re all gone. Similarly, don’t allow yourself to leave early or leave at all until you’ve shaken enough hands you’re confident would be decent leads for your upcoming week’s pipeline.

Social Media Groups & Forums

Reading just a few posts on this site will give you enough insights to be valuable in any online groups or forums. Find a couple Facebook or LinkedIn groups and just start being active. Whether you’re providing valuable insights or not, relevancy is the most critical factory here.

The trick to adding a ton of value to random people online is that if they’re asking how something is done, that’s likely a reflection on their laziness to fulfill the work as well.

This is great news for you — the agency looking for people who need work done for them.

Simply write out your massive wall of text answering this e-commerce owner’s question about how to increase their SEO and watch them neglect to implement it. 

Further, when you do this a dozen times, one of them will certainly recognize your intense and deep knowledge in the field, throw their hands up, and say, “hey, you seem to know a lot about this stuff — want to just do it for me? What’s your rate?”

There you have a qualified inbound client.

Cold Outreach

Cold Calls & Cold Email

As we go down the list the strategies are getting better and better. Networking events are nice but can’t be scaled at all and require travel, drinking, etc.

Cold calling & cold emailing are going to be some of your best friends. They’ll help you get amazing leads, make great connections, and force you to nail down your offer, messaging, and product. There’s nothing greater than the feedback you’ll receive after exiting the building, telling people what you want to do for them, and watching how they react.

Email: You could easily be sending out 50 cold emails with follow up per day. You know you’re doing this enough when you’re getting people marking you as spam and getting UNSUBSCRIBE responses — you absolutely want to avoid this using tactics that we’ll go over eventually, but it’ll happen to the best of us.

The purpose of your cold emails is to get someone on the phone. Just like dating where you want your crush to join you for coffee to get to know them, you want your prospect to give you their attention for a few minutes so you can explain to them how you may make them more money.

Your emails should have one clear objective and that is to get them on the phone. Lines like these convert very well:

… is this still the best number to reach you?
Do you have 8 minutes tomorrow or Wednesday to chat?
Are you around after your Monday meeting for a 7 minute call?

Where you get the emails might be the most grueling part of this entire process. If you’re manually going through websites, listings, and scouring the web as much as you can, you’re demonstrating amazing spirit but will burn out — this is not efficient.

[I’ve created some incredible systems] for generating lists of emails. When you find a flow that works, simply record your screen while doing it for a few emails, narrate the process, and hand this over to a VA.

You’ve mastered a job when you do not have to do it yourself — this is entrepreneurial efficiency.

Sign up for my free newsletter and I’ll give you the EXACT email & phone scripts I used to start landing clients.

I want the word-for-word scripts Nick used to go from $8 to $250 per hour.



There’s nothing like spending money to make more money. After all, isn’t this the very service we’re providing to our clients?

Driving paid traffic to your offer is the most efficient method for acquiring new customers because you can scale it as much as you’d like, up your exclusivity, and cast a much wider net regarding who and what industries you want to work with.

When I first built my agency, I foolishly remained hyper-local. I didn’t go past my local county at first and was terrified when I branched out to surrounding states. This was the wrong approach.

Driving paid traffic was a game changer — the only downside is that you have to be ready for growth.

Not every agency is built to last nor built to scale. This is made very clear when you decide it’s time to drive paid traffic to your site and quickly learn you cannot handle the growth.

Now, if your biggest problem is that you have too many leads, you’re on the right track. But do not be fooled — just because it’s a good problem to have, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

The practice of running ads for your agency work shouldn’t be too complicated since you plan on doing the same work for your clients. Simply execute a basic funnel that features a case study, a quick lesson on how you might make them more money, or draw them in by offering 20-minute consultations that end in your pitch.

If you spend enough on ads, you will get results — the tricky part is optimizing those ads so you spend significantly less while achieving incredible results in the process.

Just because you’ve a "good problem to have", doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem.

Operating Your Agency

If you want to build your agency to the level where you can remove yourself from much of the process, you’ll have to outsource, hire, productize, and systemize, your business and operations. Building out SOIPs for your business is surely an unsexy process every business owner has to go through — but you’ll never find one that wasn’t glad they did it.

If you’re struggling to get email campaigns out on time and getting calls from clients that they’re receiving no leads all week, you’re probably not an agency; you’re a freelancer.

Graduating from freelancer to agency is something I’ve seem many people do and many people fail at. It’s a bigger step than it may seem but once you’re there, you’ll find it was one of the largest hurdles you’re glad you never have to jump over again.

Driving Revenue


What are some of the largest firms you can think of? You may be pondering about law offices, Park Ave marketing agencies, financial advisors, and others. What do the big fish in these spaces that the smaller fish do not?

High-ticket, high paying clients.

A website is a website. There’s not much technically different from the website you’ll build for your clients and the one that a million dollar agency would. The difference between you and those million dollar agencies is that the million dollar agency convinced someone to buy that website for a quarter million dollars while you were only able to convince someone to spend $5,000.

Besides your lack of convincing, you also didn’t know how to get in touch with a decision maker who had that much power over such a large budget.

You were missing sales ability + connections.

You don’t want to sell? You think salespeople are sleazy and conniving? Then you’re likely going to struggle throughout the rest of this post and everything else on this site.

Remember, each step of the Entrepreneurial Efficiency journey assumes you’re comfortable with what was discussed previously. Skipping this step will make your skills incomplete.


Make money by learning what really matters

Consider this — there are law firms where the managing director — the person with their name on the building — might only enter the office once a month.

Where were they last week — and every other week before that? They were at the golf course. You might say to yourself, “well, that’s not fair. I want to play golf too! How’re they taking advantage of the company like this?”

While they were playing golf, they leveraged their connections and turned on the sales ability so well that they drove millions of dollars worth of leads to the firm while you were at your desk writing up reports for them.

They did what no one else had the ability to do — or else they would’ve done it. They drove revenue to the company. Sales and revenue is the most important factor for any company — without revenue, you’re without business; without business, you’re not a business.

Yes, I want to learn how to build million dollar relationships

I want to get 3 paying clients — and make money on the side using skills I already have.

Managing sales

I’ve gotten away without turning on high-pressure sales for a large portion of my agency’s lifecycle. Between selling services & selling software, you’ll learn every trick you might possibly need in your tool-belt.

After you learn how to manage yourself and act while selling, you’ll need to manage everything properly, project your numbers, and hit your quotas. This is the less entertaining area of sales but wildly important — if you don’t have a grasp on your numbers and how many opportunities you need each month, you’ll have no idea how much money you’ll make 6 months from now.

  • Lead Generation
  • Pipe Generation
  • Opportunities
  • Closing W/L

Your Lead Generation should be nearly entirely automated unless you’re going out there and hitting pavement on your own.

These leads are the ones coming through from your website, your business listings, your ads, your blog, etc. Lead generation is virtually the front line of your business since this is how entirely cold traffic will interact with you if they’re finding you on their own. It’s important to ensure your leads are being captured effectively, properly, and that no data is slipping through any cracks.

Closes are either the fun or terrifying part. You can mark an opportunity as closed/lost or closed/won. You definitely want more “won”. If you’re losing a substantial number of deals, there is something wrong somewhere in your process — either you’re loosely qualifying or you cannot sell.

Pipe Generation is a more manual process since these are the leads that you’re actively nurturing, coldly outreached to, or came through as a lead but eventually got promoted to something more substantial in your system.

We can work out some math regarding how many opportunities should be in your pipeline vs. how many you’re contacting, losing, etc. This, of course, will depend heavily on how much you’re charging and such.

Opportunities are created when you’ve qualified them, determined they can afford you, and have a legitimate need for your services. Remember, turn up the exclusivity — you only work with clients that you believe in and that you’re comfortable helping grow. the last thing you want is to help scale a company that won’t even be able to follow up on the leads or fulfill the orders you’re getting them.

The Work

Retaining & getting results for clients

Yes, I want Nick's onboarding documents and pdfs he uses on his high-ticket clients

I want to keep clients paying me thousands per month for just a few hours each week

Now that you are finally getting clients through the door and onboarding them into your agency, you have to actually do some work for them.

Sometimes, the fulfillment is the most difficult part if you’re really good at the sales process.

The good news is that this is actually very easy. If you’re charging a measly few grand per month with an ad spend budget equivalent to your retainer, you’re not going to be expected to drive incredible growth using all these different channels and cross-marketing through dozens of campaigns. Merely building out a few conversion ads, writing decent copy, and tracking performance is more than 90% of the population will do on their own and more than a vast majority of the marketing gurus they’ll otherwise buy from do.

Landing page software

We normally have been using Clickfunnels for this — we like stringing together many services together, but this isn’t always the optimal solution. You can really get away with doing nearly everything all within Clickfunnels including emailing, etc.

Email service

If you’re on a budget, stick with Mailchimp for now. So long as you’re doing low-volume campaigns, you’ll get away with their free tier and by the time you grow out of it, you should have enough volume to the point where you’re making money to self-liquidate it anyway.


This is quite literally the most crucial step of this entire process — your offer. I don’t care if you have the worst website, worst email marketing, etc. If you have a good offer, you should be in the clear. 

Defining that offer, nailing down your messaging, and presenting it in a way that is effective and compelling is the critical element to understanding your offer and driving sales with it.


One of the less sexy areas of your business is going to be reporting to your clients. They’ll want to ensure they’re getting what they’re paying for and although driving them leads should do the trick, you’ll want to show off your results as well to let them know you’re not only doing your job but also crushing it as well.

Optimizing KPIs

This is when you’re going above and beyond. Like we said above, you can get away with doing some really poor work and still manage to get massive results for clients. But when you want to scale that up and get clients paying 5x or 10x more — you have to really deliver.

Retaining clients for maximum efficiency

Of course, all of this hard work is for not unless we’re retaining clients and remain getting them results.

The sales process requires long and grueling efforts that should not be wasted on a client who is going to leave you after three months. The work you do for your clients should be considered as an extension of your agency’s actual marketing efforts — their happiness and referrals are worth more than any marketing you can possibly do on your own.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur — Part 2

Build a Signature Training & Client Coaching Platform

Are you ready to scale up?
This is where things get fun.

  • We’ve proved we can get people to pay for our services.
  • We’ve fulfilled the work for our clients and got them massive results.
  • Now we need to 10x this process and cut out the fulfillment — no, I’m not talking about hiring (you should’ve already done that!)

Why sell signature training?

Businesses have a ton of money and require procurement.
Consumers have some money and only need to consult with themselves before buying.
We want to build products for the consumers (or PROsumers) for massive scale and growth.

I did this process entirely with real estate — I had a ton of variation in my clients. Some were recently married and got their real estate license as a side-gig while others were extremely large montage lenders doing six figures per month.

I’d much rather train 100 smaller-scale real estate agents how to build their websites for $500 than actually build 20 websites for $3000 each. Yes, one of them is bigger money, but the other can be done at scale — you can train 25 people at once — you can only build so many websites at once.

This is how you optimize for the niche you chose earlier, create a step-by-step process on how to maximize results for that niche, and share that with the same people who could’ve been clients, but couldn’t quite afford your agency pricing.

Pros and cons of creating and selling a signature training platform

What's great about crafting signature training?

  • It'll give you clarity on your offer & messaging
  • You self-liquidate the process of building your much more scalable digital products
  • You connect with the exact people who will be buying your products at scale
  • You can easily earn an extra $5,000, $10,000 + each month with only a few hours of work on phone calls, masterminds, etc.

What are the potential downsides?

  • It does require your time — no one gets trained if you decide to take the day off
  • It can be challenging deciding what people really want. This is the business of sales and marketing — what are people willing to pay for?
  • Everybody thinks they're a trainer these days. Standing out from the crowd and trimming the fat that's out there will be easy once you nail down your message

How do I get started?

Step 1

Craft Your Signature System & Training

As you get results for your clients, write out what you’re doing. Create SOPs based on the tools you’re using, the results you’re getting, and the issues you’re facing.

This is all extremely valuable information for your students

This is why you’re going to offer the best training (& eventual course) — because you’re living, you’ve lived it, and you’ve optimized it.

Find something unique about the approach you’re taking with your clients. There is something different that you’re seeing success with that no one else has really done yet. Lean into that.

Write out the steps and processes that your students will follow along to and hold their hand teaching them along the way. We include the training and coaching phase in our entrepreneurial journey because it’s much more efficient to knock it out of the park with our online course after we work out the kinks and decide what our customers actually need rather than guessing and assuming that our situation was exactly what most would need.

We are building our online course while we 1:1 train.

Finally, it’s critical we focus on actionable, result-driven content for our training. We do not want to simply motivate our students — we need to give them the tools, scripts, insights, and practical advice so they can duplicate your success. If they’re not taking action, you’re not gathering insights. If you’re not gathering insights, your course is delayed and you can’t build it on time.

Step 2

Find Paying Students

Since we’re not making a ton of money in this phase, it’s perfectly fine to be very selective of who we take on and only train those who we think will provide the greatest results along with a testimonial or case study down the line as well.

However, we must be paid during this process — if you’re not, you’re just being silly and your student will not take action. You don’t have to charge much, but you have to charge something.

You can simply find these customers directly in your pipeline of lost deals.

Which local business owners didn’t have the funds to spend $4,000/mo on your services? Do they have $3,000 one-time to learn how to do it on their own? I found many people who wanted to have control and were afraid to even give up the reigns on their marketing were much easier convinced to spend something once and learn how to do it rather than paying someone else to do it — terrible business practice on their end, but we still made money.

Besides looking in your previous pipeline, you can simply run the same ads you would for your course but for the training. Focus on a very specific niche and don’t spend too much money these ads — again, because we’re not scaling this up to _make_ money; we’re only utilizing this step of the process to make the course.

Don't guess what people want — literally ask them.

Case Study:

Nick Calabro's Mayor Marketing

I followed this entire process all the way through with my agency, signature training, and online course — Mayor Marketing.

Read more about my story here »

Step I


I built Calaboration and immediately took any and all work I could find. I was building websites for bars, local pizzerias; running ad campaigns for a ton of real estate professionals, and even eventually taking over nearly the entire campaign for a local mayoral candidate looking to unseat the decade-long incumbent and his council people.

This is when I shifted focus on the business. I decided I might have figured something out with the political gig, but was also so focused already on real estate. Was there a combination here? There sure was.

I then decided to pitch Calaboration’s marketing services to real estate professionals but in a way that explains our signature process and how we learned it from an incredible political campaign’s case study. 

Mayor Marketing was used on our clients and eventually turned into course that made over $50,000 in just a couple of months.

By the way — during this time, we had won the election, got some amazing stories to tell, a bit of press, and capitalized greatly on the incredible accomplishment.

  • Population of 40k
  • 20k Registered Voters
  • 3,500 turned out to vote
  • Garnered over 400 through Mayor Marketing efforts
  • Won by 80 votes (Mayor + 2 Council Seats)
  • Unseating three 2-3 term incmbents

Step II

Efficiency • Productivity • Scale

I had a successful agency going but never quite felt I was operating to my full potential. I was putting out fires ever day, struggling to hire the right talent to really 10x the business, and simply scrambling at every corner. 

I was not in order and because of that my business was not in order. It took some self-reflection and systems to get this working but it was absolutely critical I took these steps when I did. Just like a business not being fit to scale — you, yourself, can also not be fit to scale — and if you force, you could crash and burn.

  • Doubling down on David Allen’s Getting Things Done Method… with a twist to better fit my lifestyle
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Optimizing sleep
  • Reworking my mind regarding how I think about space, time, and technology
  • This is not an exaggeration — I effectively created a religion, became the founding pope of it, and admitted nobody else but myself.

Step III

Signature Training

Mayor Marketing was succeeding for our clients. We had the system on the back-end, we’d implement it where we could for clients that were willing to take the risk, and we got some incredible stories out of it.

I had only coached 3 clients at the start. I was a bit impatient and found a bit of luck finding some incredible students that were able to provide amazing results.

  • It’s critical that we shut up and listen to these students during the coaching calls, meetings, etc. The feedback here is used directly in our digital product.

I taught them exactly what we do for our agency clients. I showed them every step of the campaign we followed, the moment I realized this would work in other industries as well, and helped them realize the context surrounding the work they’d be doing. I wasn’t only showing them what to do — I was teaching them why we’re doing it this way.

I provided these mentees with all the docs, swipe files, strategies, funnels, and tools they could’ve possibly needed to get this job done. There was nothing left for them to think about but what time of day they were going to eat and what time they were going to execute on the plan I gave them. When things are extremely scalable and easily replicable, there’s no reason not to share it — students saw results from Mayor Marketing in a matter of weeks.

Mayor Marketing wasn’t only a system for marketing your real estate career as if you’re running for mayor — it was also built to help you be productive and get things done. I had built calendars, targets, quotas, and holistic north stars for my students to follow. This ensured they were never just spinning their wheels and that everything they did had a purpose.

I had made over $10,000 in just 3 months coaching while building the digital product. I effectively got paid to research and develop my next business venture while restoring assured that it was going to be a hit since I had the exact people who’d be using it telling me how they’d like it.

Step IV

Digital Products & Scale

It wasn’t before long that I had a very clear grasp on what my students wanted — and more importantly — needed. This paved the way for Mayor Marketing: The Digital Product.

We sold this the exact same way we sold everything else — going through old contacts and lost deals in our pipe.

If you weren’t going to buy our agency-level services at $5,000/mo, maybe you’d buy our coaching at $3,000 one-time. If you didn’t buy our coaching at $3,000, you’d likely love to buy the online course at $500! That’s exactly what we did.

I already had a massive list of qualified and interested buyers who already knew and trusted me. Now it was just a matter of getting the most money I could’ve out of each person. Some were willing to drop a few grand for done-for-you services while others would rather have an information product teaching them how it’s done so they don’t have to rely on anybody.

No matter their situation, I had a product for them. The best part is, nobody goes to waste. People that I contacted 6 months ago could still be contacted today with a new offering since they’re all in the same niche and need the same services. One product isn’t exclusive to certain clientele while another is differently to another customer avatar — they’re all my ideal customer.

Ultimately, I was able to move a few of these immediately, a couple dozen more when the holidays and Black Friday rolled around, and ultimately was able to sell a couple hundred of these online courses at $500 — that eventually turned into over $50,000+ in just a matter two months.

All initial sales and the first $50,000 made with Mayor Marketing was entirely organic and without any actual ad spend or funnels — this was done entirely through the same exact sales pipeline I had used since I was getting agency clients.

Launch your own million dollar course

Watch exactly how Nick Calabro self-liquidated and launched his online course Mayor Marketing

Yes, I want to see exactly how Nick launched his online course and repeat the process myself.

I want to make thousands of dollars passively with my online course

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur — Part 3

Scale To Massively-Profitable Online Business Selling Digital Products

Now that we knew exactly what our students need since we literally got direct feedback and coached them one on one, we’re ready to turn that into a digital product that can be sold at scale.

If you had already looked through my case study above, you’ll know we did extremely well turning our agency into coaching and coaching into digital products. This is truly the way to scale and make money online — once you hit this step of the process, you’re in the big leagues of digital marketing and online business as a whole. Welcome; we’re happy to have you.

How to build your online course & sell thousands

It really comes down to three steps you need to perfect in order to succeed in this part of the journey: Build it. Sell it. Automate it.

Although this can virtually sum up any business, the great thing about online courses is that it really is that simple even at its core.

Build your profitable online course

Developing your course is nearly done already. Remember all the notes and videos we made while training and coaching our mentees during that entire process? Well at this point, the course material is already made for us, now we just have to refine it.

You’ll be extremely glad you have all the content and collateral ready before you even dive into creating the course. This is because we took the most efficient route and did all the heavy lifting while still getting paid for it, so now we can reap that benefit and focus on the task at hand.

You may find this stage of the process to be one of the most difficult. That’s because it requires focused work and hardcore energy. Unlike shaking hands and closing deals, there’s not much to stimulate you during this process. It’s up to you to remain motivated and keep going at it while taking care of the unattractive areas of your business.

Some people find it’s best to lock themselves away in a cabin for 2 weeks while they churn out all the videos necessary for their course. I’ve seen people take entire retreats to Amsterdam with the goal of flying out of there with their entire course built before they do.

No matter how you go about it, the important thing is that you get it done. Just like writing a book or doing your taxes, it’s about putting on some blinders, and getting the work done — this is also why we spent so much time ensuring our bodies are in order and our minds are in productive states earlier in the process. This would be immensely more difficult had we not taken those exercises.

I’ve seen some terrible online courses in my day. I’ve also seen some incredible ones. I’m a fan of hyper-actionable courses that include a ton of resources. My courses are built in a way that can be consumed in a matter of days but that also have enough content to fill up a few hours each day for 4 weeks.

It’s important to me there’s value in the course my customers are buying but also that they’re not paralyzed by layers and layers of videos with a slow-talking boring slideshow presentation that it’s impossible to get anything out of. That’s why my courses include a TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) along with the fleshed out videos that include details on everything so that you don’t have to think one bit.

I include the crash course and the college course in my products.

I’ve seen courses that include no video at all. In fact, if the industry calls for it, you could get away with omitting the course altogether and simply sell an incredibly premium e-book. No matter the medium or product, the only thing that really counts is the value you provide and the results you drive your customers. If you’re not doing that, you’re not creating happy customers.

Sell & scale your online course

Sell Your First Copies of Online Courses

Thankfully, initial sales we’ll drive to our online course are already in the pipeline. This is because we’re able to leverage the pipeline we had already created and have been nurturing since we very initially started our agency work at the very beginning.

Yes — I told you this was the most efficient way to build an online business. Not a single stone is left unturned and not an ounce of effort we put forth is going underutilized.

Sell Thousands of Your Online Course

This part of the process is actually very, very simple. And yet, this part of the process is where the most people spin their wheels, waste tens of dozens of hours, and expect results immediately while looking in the wrong places.

There’s one method here: ads.

There is nothing like driving paid traffic to your online course knowing that you’re showing your information to as many people as possible and allowing them an opportunity to buy from you in the most effective manner available to them.

If you recall anything from our sales training, you’ll realize that sales is a service. The easier you make it for someone to buy from you, the more they’ll appreciate you. This same principle goes for marketing your online course. You have to move friction, display your ads correctly, and make it easy for your prospects to click buy.

Little-known secrets revealed

How to build your online business FAST

You will not build a massively profitable online business overnight

But you can learn from the successes and the mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars and hours and how I grew from a weak and poor programming to a sales job, agency owner, and all the way to massively profitable online course creator.

I’d love to share the system and exact steps you can take to build out this system on your own and grow your empire today

  • How to start your agency & get your first handful of clients to make 5-figures a month FAST
  • How to turn that into a massively profitable online business
  • Under-utilized channels for massive growth online and off
  • Advanced strategies for maximizing reach and optimizing ads

Discover how to launch a successful online business that’ll help you live your dream life.

Yes, I want to accomplish the Entrepreneurial Efficiency method and mindset

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online & Becoming An Efficient Entrepreneur — Part 4

How do you get started?

Your emails should have one clear objective and that is to get them on the phone. Lines like these convert very well:

… is this still the best number to reach you?
Do you have 8 minutes tomorrow or Wednesday to chat?
Are you around after your Monday meeting for a 7 minute call?

Where you get the emails might be the most grueling part of this entire process. If you’re manually going through websites, listings, and scouring the web as much as you can, you’re demonstrating amazing spirit but will burn out — this is not efficient.

[I’ve created some incredible systems] for generating lists of emails. When you find a flow that works, simply record your screen while doing it for a few emails, narrate the process, and hand this over to a VA.

You’ve mastered a job when you do not have to do it yourself — this is entrepreneurial efficiency.

I want to make more money and learn the same tactics that got Nick to go from $8 to $250 per hour.

I want to launch a successful online business that helps people and pays me, even when I’m not working.