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What’s This All About?

Real Estate Agents, investors, lenders, etc.

Nick will show you how you can get more quality leads using social media, digital marketing, traditional marketing, and the strategies we use for clients who get dozens of leads per day.

What Do You Get?

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Step 1.5

After completing or refining your website, it's time to start driving traffic to it and generating leads. Digital Marketing Mastery is your first step.

We take you step-by-step into each social media channel, their strategies, and how you can run organic and paid traffic to your accounts and website. You'll be generating leads with this step ALONE!

Step 2

Now that your platform is in place and you have a website and other avenues that can accept a steady flow of leads, it's time to start driving paid traffic to 10x our leads.

This course shows you exactly what to write, photograph, and film so you can ensure cost-effective leads and many of them!

Step Infinity!

The ADVANCED marketing course takes you from looking like you have an intern working for you to looking like you have an agency working for you.

This is the step where we show you how to build automated sales funnels, webinars, email marketing, and more advanced topics that will automate, scale, and grow your real estate business.

Plus the Lead-Generating Website Course

Think about it — you see mailers, advertisements, and huge social media pages for your niche and competition. They do it because it works. Why aren't you taking advantage of the same tools?

With the right strategy and step-by-step training, you'll be able to.

Generate More Leads
In 2019

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Website Course

Free for 1 Course
  • Build a Stunning WordPress Site
  • Start Your SEO
  • Connect Social Media
  • Add IDX for listings
  • Add Plugins for more lead generation

4 Course Bundle

$ 497 For 4 Courses!
  • Premium Support
  • Build effective marketing campaigns
  • Digital & traditional marketing
  • Automate your funnels & generate leads 24/7
  • Build and grow your social media pages
  • Create a loyal following

What Will You Learn?

1. Website

Originally $299 — yours free

First, get your website in order. If you don’t have a website, no worries! Build Your Real Estate Website will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get your stunning and lead-generating website up and running.

We’ll add photos, video, lead generation forms, and tracking codes on your website. This is where all roads lead back to so it has to be top-notch and acts as the storefront for your business!

2. Platform

Originally $349

Then, begin building your platform.

What many business and independent contractors fail to invest in early is their platform and how to market it correctly for sustainable and quality leads.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Mastery teaches you everything you need to know to get your marketing strategies up and running. During this course you’ll build your social media platforms, explore which avenues will work best for your business, audience, and location, and ultimately how you can execute ads that bring in leads in your sleep!

3. More Leads

Originally $349

Finally, start generating real leads.

Now that you have your platforms and social media in place, it’s time to start generating leads using mailers, text message marketing, out of home advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook, Zillow, YouTube, Twitter, and more channels you can leverage paid advertising with.

Lead Generation with Real Estate PPC & Online Advertising takes you through which services you should be using, how to use them, and what to write to convert leads each and every day.


Originally $349

Taking it to the next level.

ADVANCED Real Estate Digital Marketing is when you go from looking like you have an intern running your marketing to looking like you have an agency doing it.

You’ll learn how to build evergreen funnels, systems that work for you 24/7, and what tools you need to set it all up. We’ll go into advanced tactics like webinars, email marketing, and, of course, incorporating it all into a system that requires only a couple hours per week to manage.

You'll generate more leads with a $100 ad budget + this course than with $500 ad spend without this course.

What Will You Accomplish?

There is a better way to generate leads, establish an online presence, and become the agency people come when they want to buy, sell, or work with real estate professionals.

  • Build a stunning lead generating website that works for you 24/7.

  • Drive paid & organic traffic to your website while tracking your visitors to display more ads to them in the future.

  • Execute the 7 touch rule online and out of home by crafting direct-mail, Facebook ads, and even Google or billboard ads — all in one cohesive and consistent campaign.

  • Curate an audience so you’re only showing your advertisements to the qualified and quality potential leads so you’re not wasting money.

  • Incorporate video and other visually pleasing tactics to build a rapport with your client before you even reach out to them.