Our Story

Calaboration is the premier real estate & business digital marketing company in the country. Founded by Nick Calabro, we have developed the systems, educational platform, and coaching program to generate leads, brand yourself, and grow your business with marketing you as if you were running for mayor.

With experience in digital marketing for companies and individuals from software to politicians, we have a unique approach to marketing your business so you can build a platform bigger than yourself and that generates a sustainable stream of leads and revenue.

While we’ve worked with all types of real estate professionals (agents, lenders, investors, etc.) we learned how to not only invest in advertisements with the goal of generating leads but to build a social media platform and grow a following that generates leads even after we stop paying for ads.

We do this by not only building stunning websites and crafting engaging social media ads, but also by branding the subject in a way that encourages a loyal fanbase and following. 

With the knowledge, insights, and systems we’ve created and discovered during our work, we have taken the same tactics and developed in-person & online training to show you exactly how you can execute on the methods we use here at Calaboration.

Our goal with the educational platform is to show more people how they can leverage and create a following without investing tens of thousands of dollars to an agency whose only goal is to get you immediate results to keep you locked into their contract.

The Calaboration Courses are recorded using real client work so you can get an insight into exactly how we grow businesses, generate leads, and build a platform that works for you instead of against you. 

What is Calaboration?

And How Did It Start?

Nick Calabro started Calaboration after working in more technical software development roles. Once the real estate marketing bug caught him, he decided it would be a better fit if he was able to do it differently. That’s when he developed the Mayor Marketing approach to digital marketing not only for real estate professionals but for businesses, hospitality establishments, and more.

While our first clients were small accounts like individual real estate agents and law firms, the tactics held true all the way up the chain to larger corporations.

What is mayor marketing?

And How Will It Help My Business?

Things took a larger turn when we picked up our first political client.

As you may imagine, the tactics used to win an election are very different than those you’d use if you’re trying to sell a house or generate leads for your dental practice — or are they?

While working with mayors and mayoral candidates, we weren’t really looking for conversions (aside from donations, but that was never the main objective). We were looking for reach and engagement. We want our candidates to be seen on everyone’s feeds with a prolific and even provocative message.

While taking this approach, it didn’t result in revenue or website visits — but it did result in a win.

While still working with real estate professionals, we decided to take a chapter from that book and translate it over to other business — the results were terrible at first, but astounding after only a few months.

When we focused on building a rapport with our audience instead of constantly selling and attempting to collect conversions, we quickly realized our clients resonated with more people who weren’t becoming leads because they stumbled upon an ad, but because they knew they wanted to work with you — they sought you out. 

Since then, we’ve worked with more politicians, municipalities, and other government accounts to continue building and growing the rapport that is necessary for voters and your potential customers or clients. 

How you can do this

Where To Start?

There are two ways you can become a Calaborator:

  • Joining our community, taking our courses, and executing on the tactics we discuss.
  • Becoming a client and working directly with the Calaboration team.

We created the training and educational platform because although we have a unique approach to generating leads and growing your business, it isn’t something that should be held hostage from those who are just getting started.

The training programs are the best way you can get started. We’ve worked with many clients who have taken the courses, increased their revenue with the things they learned, and then were more willing and able to take the plunge into becoming a full-service agency partner so we can double and triple-down on the things they started.