I’m Nick Calabro, Founder of Calaboration, and I’m here to help you make money online while making money online. The Efficient Entreprenuer Method shows you exactly how I turned my agency into an online business — exponentially increasing its revenue. 

I was feeling stuck. I was struggling to get my online business up and running because I couldn’t afford to stow myself away for a year, build an email list, and create a high-converting premium course. I took a more efficient approach. I made money while I was creating the course, used that money to develop and market the course, then made more money once I launched the course. The entire process was self-liquidating.


There I was.

Working my desk job, glaring at the computer screen for ten hours a day, grinding out code and building iOS applications.

I was a software developer. I was given the fantastic offer for this opportunity to work at a thriving startup before I even graduated college; I was making more money than anyone I went to school with — and I hated it.

I had the entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to make a ton of money, but lacked the ideas, skills, and funds to execute on any of it. I sucked myself into a strict budget, was very responsible, and instead of solving for x and figuring out how to create more income, I let the equation create its own solution which forced a lifestyle I didn’t want.

My mindset on wealth, life, and business changed throughout my tenure as a software developer when I started observing the sales department. We were creating expensive, high-ticket, enterprise software. Companies who purchased are programs were spending millions of dollars on it.

I always asked myself, “why is the sales team constantly brought out to fancy lunches and evening events while we programmers are left making sandwiches?”

“Why are we programmers seen as more of a resource while the sales team acts like they run the place?”

Because they do.

It was only during this time when the switch flipped. Sales is the only reason this company exists. We could build all the apps in the world — but if there’s no one to close that deal and drive revenue, you have no business.

Cashflow is the most important thing to any business and should be a priority in your life as well. It’s a necessity to sustain a company and your obligation as a person.

At this point I determined I was going to startup myself and be the one that drives that revenue into my business and in my life.

Enter Calaboration

Knowing very little about operating my own business, I LLC’d Calaboration, a digital marketing and PPC advertising agency.

Like all entrepreneurs, we are motivated by things we have ownership in. This was my company which incorporated my name — I had never worked harder on anything in my life.

After getting some clients, losing some, making some other deals, I was making $4,000 per month by my third month.

First iteration of Calaboration‘s agency site.

The Campaign

Not long into my success at Calaboration, I had befriended a public figure nearby who expressed his bid for mayor.

Calaboration took a halt from acquiring new clients and efforts were focused on getting this man and his ticket elected into office for mayor and council.

I was able to use a lot of what I learned marketing for SMBs and real estate professionals on the campaign trail. Advertising, social media, PR, and everything else that goes into a campaign was very reminiscent of what went into most advertising campaigns. The only difference was we were optimizing for votes, not sales and leads.

The campaign was a success. We unseated three long-time incumbents with fairly unknown candidates.

  • With a population of 40,000 citizens,
  • 20,000 of them registered to vote,
  • 3,500 turning out to vote,
  • with over 400 votes garnered by our efforts alone,
  • we won by 80 votes.

Being responsible for over 400 of the votes was huge. The marketing and sales tactics we used were unprecedentedly the cause of the win.

At this point, another lightbulb went off—I can incorporate this into my agency.

Scaling Calaboration

With the election under my belt, I learned there’s a crossover between the marketing we did on the campaign and the marketing we were doing for my clients.

I built out a system, refined the exact process, and started pitching this to my prospects instead of the plain old advertising we were doing already. I called it Mayor Marketing. We were marketing our real estate professionals and SMBs the same way we would be marketing someone running for office.

I learned exactly how it worked best and how it could be dynamic enough to be used in any environment. I was selling the service and was clearing $5,000/mo with only a few hours of work each week.

The next step introduced a problem.

Even though Calaboration was profitable, it wasn’t exactly scalable.

I was operating a fairly efficient agency with great clients who paid, minimal work on my end, and systems in place that allowed things to be easily outsourced.

But I was only hitting my local footprint. I was expanding as much as I humanly could, but traveling around the Tri-state Area from Philly, to Upstate NY, to Brooklyn will wear anyone out.

I wanted Calaboration’s services & Mayor Marketing to be in everyone’s hands, but could simply not get that volume on my own.

I turned Mayor Marketing into an online course at only $500 for my beta launch and sold over 100 of them in the first week.

That’s right — I made $50,000 for one weekend’s worth of work putting this course together.

I had no email list, no advertising budget, and affiliates selling this for me. I sold this course and scaled it to make more and more money in the most efficient way.

Becoming Efficient

This system was making enough money the agency was looking like nothing. I was able to pour more money into the course and get 2 and 3x back consistently.

I had figured it out. I cracked the code of building a successful online business.

The best part is, I was making money the entire time.

  • I didn’t have to waste a year building an email list
  • I didn’t have to write a book to get taken seriously
  • I didn’t have to become a high-pressure sales master to close deals
  • I didn’t have to pay to speak at a conference so I’d be more well-known
  • I just had to be efficient with my time and my business

Entrepreneurial Efficiency

THAT is the system I teach now. I have been helping entrepreneurs become extremely efficient with every move they make. I help them start a company that can make them money today, show them how they can scale it to make even more, and then teach them how to shift that into an online business so they can stop thinking about pennies, and start seeing dollars.



what is digital marketing?

Here's how we define it

There are many definitions of digital marketing especially in today’s climate of Millenials who think posting something on Instagram qualifies them to be a social media manager at top companies. We do frequently post on Instagram & engage in other social media sites, but there’s much that goes into it — that’s what this site is about

At Calaboration, we teach you how to build a platform and brand that grows over time and generates exponentially more of a following, leads, and business by focusing on your brand and engagement over leads and transactions. 

In other words, we market as if we’re running for mayor.

We build our social media accounts, engage with followers, and post content that is geared toward building a trusting fanbase. This, combined with strategic paid advertising ensures leads are generated today and 10x more leads are generated a couple years from now.

Some people will drop tens of thousands of dollars to an agency to have them push out ads, buy lists of leads, and build a stunning website — this is not sustainable. You can get started building a system that works for you today with just a small investment of time and no money.

We at Calaboration are uniquely in touch with political campaigns and marketing along with branding, lead generation, and industries from real estate, medicine, and hospitality. Combined, we discovered how every business and agent should be marketing like a mayor.

what is poor digital marketing?

What not to do

Let’s go over the things you should not be doing in your digital marketing efforts. 

  1. Do NOT buy leads. When you purchase leads, whether they’re homebuyer leads from Zillow or potential web clients from new domains being purchased, you’re looking at the same list dozens of others are buying as well.

    This results in poor leads who have already been called multiple times by the time you get to them, and requires you to constantly spend money to this list-company so they can supply you with more phone numbers to call. There’s no platform of your own being built and instead, you fund their platform to sell back to you.


  2. Do NOT expect results overnight. No politician shows up and gets elected out of nowhere — just like you will not build a website and start a blog and receive all the leads and business right away.

    With a balance of paid advertising and content marketing, you will have a comfortable stream of leads while you build your platform, but the real fruits of your efforts show in a few months. 

Mayor Marketing Essential # 1

A lead-generating website

All roads lead to your website. When Calaboration picks up a new client who doesn’t have a website, it’s the absolute first thing we take care of.

Your website will be the home base for your business where you can store all of your content and track visitors to retarget ads to them later on.

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Exclusively for Calaborators

Build Your Own Stunning Lead-Generating Website

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Mayor Marketing Essential # 2

Premium Branding

All roads lead to your website. When Calaboration picks up a new client who doesn’t have a website, it’s the absolute first thing we take care of.

Your website will be the home base for your business where you can store all of your content and track visitors to retarget ads to them later on.

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Mayor Marketing Essential # 3

Cultivate a loyal Following

All roads lead to your website. When Calaboration picks up a new client who doesn’t have a website, it’s the absolute first thing we take care of.

Your website will be the home base for your business where you can store all of your content and track visitors to retarget ads to them later on.

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